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Croatia is used to visitors. However, it is very much appreciated when people make an effort to say something in Croatian. Croatian women could not be regarded under stereotype of Eastern Slavic women and as for westerner it may be even more understandable for you. They are, hands down, the most beautiful girls I've seen in my European travels, blowing away just about everywhere else except for pockets in the Baltics.

Men physically attractive and well groomed is a greater probability of causing a good impression and win the Croatian girls. Lord forgive these women, for they know NOT what they do. As a Croatian man, I am disgusted. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Croatian girls have boyfriends, but of course there are still many single girls around.

Girls from all over Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina come to Belgrade to study. On Saturday the talents of Azerbaijan were strong with three gold medals, on Sunday the men from Japan, but also the young women from Croatia. Just like girls in almost every country, Croatian women always go out with their friends.

Andrea Radman from Sweden is the most beautiful Croatian woman in a folk costume outside the Republic of Croatia. Here are some clues that could be very useful when you are trying to seduce a girl, a beautiful croatian girls. Martin is of Croatian-Canadian descent and has a lot of cool insights into Croatian culture.

This is also a recurring theme here that has happened a couple of times to me and a good few times to Sithdixon Sith had a few girls go back to his apartment , make out and flake Towards the end he adopted my you-can-leave approach and it worked for him.

I assume it's because he's trying to be funny and hoping to get a chuckle out of his Croatian family and friends. 2 C A CROATIAN GIRL IS SOMETHING WONDERFUL. Your best option is to avoid the small seaside towns and go to the capital Zagreb and run day game there where there's more volume of girls and more anonymity.

Beware: the word is out on Croatian girls and you will have to deal with other love tourist competition in the next five years. Croatia is a very beautiful and popular country of Europe. Chasing a Croatian Girl moves past the beautiful pictures of Croatia and humorously discovers the beauty of Croatia's people and culture.

If you choose to get married to Croatian woman it is probably because of her beauty, but not because of other qualities western men appreciate in Eastern Slavic women; qualities I call domestic slavery - washing, cleaning, cooking all the day long, being whole time babysitter.

Call it a consequence of Croatia's proximity to Italy or say that it's because those are people of the south , but personal space might not be as big as you are used to. People like to hug upon meeting, they use a lot of hand gestures, they would often touch lightly or even put their arms around each other when speaking.

Through essays (primarily written for his blog ‘Zablogreb') he talks about how different Croatian culture is different from the American culture that he was brought up with, his struggles and finally how over time, quite unknowingly, he fit into the Croatian culture.

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