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Legoland (hallmark in uppercase as LEGOLAND) is a chain of family theme parks, which has its major concentrate on the toy Lego. They are not totally possessed by The Lego Group itself, instead they are owned and also operated by the British amusement park firm Merlin Entertainments.The Legoland Billund Resort opened up in Billund, Denmark in 1968, … Read More

The Evolution of the United States Army Uniform, published by LionHeart FilmWorks and Ancient Wardrobe a few months ago is rapidly going viral with well more than a million viewpoints. Thevideo tells the story of the military uniform all the way back into the 17th century when the first organized militias were formed that could later develop into t… Read More

Overwatch's Play of the Game has always had its issues. With the increasing popularity of competitive titles where big plays aren't immediately recognized, from MOBAs (multi-player online battle arena games) like League of Legends, to battle royale games like Fortnite, something like the POTG would be a welcome way for people to show off their skil… Read More

サポーレディマーレスイーツ・デザート:レシピ・作り方ノート元船の料理長が選び抜き料理の味の基本をおさえた世界一美味しい絶品スイーツ・美味しいスイーツ・絶品デザート・美味しいデザート・絶品洋菓子・美味しい洋菓子のレシピ・作り方を動画で紹… Read More