The Top 10 Madagascar Nature & Wildlife Tours

Madagascar is like a mini continent in one country, where landscapes range from tropical jungles to spiny forests and the endemic wildlife is out of this world. After several failed attempts by the penguins and King Julien to show off Phil's skills, Phil explains the whole situation to her in American Sign Language and she agrees to go out with him before she has to leave. Despite being an island, it is home to nearly an entire continent's variety of species, from the famous lemurs to a profusion of bizarre and beautiful birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Many species of lemurs have been found during the two last decades. March to June is a good time for reptile as it is hot and the lemurs are in great condition after enjoying the fruit and vegetation of the summer period. This distinctive ecology has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the "eighth continent", and the island has been classified, by Conservation International, as a biodiversity hotspot.

There are more than thirty species of Lemurs in Madagascar today that vary in size from 25 gms pygmy lemur to the largest Indri Lemur weighing more than 12 kgs. I'd put chameleons almost on a par with lemurs in terms of their appeal. Nosy Komba is a small island between mainland Madagascar and the touristic island of Nosy Be. This small undeveloped island is covered in dense tropical forest, surrounded by emerald like waters and stretches of beautiful sandy beach.

Look for the bamboo lemurs (golden, greater & eastern grey bamboo lemurs), for which this park was formed. He told Julien's uncle that the king of the lemurs would be eaten by the Foosa. It is revealed that he was working with the penguins to teach Julien a lesson for his constant April Fools' Day pranks on everyone in August.

If there is any must-see creature in Madagascar, it is the various species of chameleon and Lemur. The magical Island of Madagascar is famous for its bizarre wildlife, dramatic landscapes and unique ecosystems. Nighttime walks bring you closer to rare nocturnal species, and jungle treks reveal mongoose, fossa and the eerie, whale-like songs of the lemurs.

Isalo National Park - Explore the 'Grand Canyon' of Madagascar and meet troops of Ring-tailed lemurs. It is revealed in "Exiled" that Sage is from the warlike kingdom of the Mountain Lemurs - he left because he disagrees with their conquering, oppressing ways and chose spiritual peace.

Nana seems to be incredibly resistant to injury, as she was able to have another fight with Alex right after being tugged out of the back of a speeding tour jeep as well as being thrown through the windshield a second time by the penguins, who reversed over her in the jeep after noticing that she did not die.

Separated from the continent by 250 miles of ocean, the island's pristine rainforest is home to thousands of species found nowhere else on earth. There were no monkeys on the more info island and as a result, Lemurs faced no competition. Max (voiced by Wayne Knight ) is the penguins' stray tabby cat friend who lives in an alley near Central Park.

I wanted to see as many varieties as could fit in. One of the things we enjoyed most was the great combination of being able to search for and see lemurs in the wild (and hear the Indri call), but also to be able to then get up close and interact with them though the private reserves (Palmarium and Vakona).

On the Indian Ocean coast, search for rare frogs and geckos on night walks, spot several varieties of endangered lemurs in forests, and scan coastlines for pods of dolphins and migrating whales. Like many lemurs, they were hunted for years and are now one of Madagascar's many endangered species.

The island is home to three species of lemur: Black lemur, Hawk's Sportive lenur and Clair's Mouse lemur, as well as six species of chameleons. Lemurs are one of the most well known of the Malagasy mammalian species. Of about 200 breeding species over 100 are endemic to the island and a further 25 or so are endemic to the Malagasy region which includes Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros and the Mascarenes.

Madagascar has some of the most exciting and unique wildlife on the planet and is the perfect destination for anyone looking for up-close and personal wildlife encounters. To learn more about lemurs, join The Wildlife Society's field trip at the 2016 TWS conference in Raleigh, N.C. to the Duke Lemur Center, where you'll have the chance to see nearly 250 lemurs from 21 different species.

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